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Bring Your Custom Shed Vision To Life

Your home is where you are most yourself, and you spend a lot of time there. Each room reflects your personality and style, and your yard is no different. Many people decide to add a shed to their yard but worry they’ll have to settle for something bulky or ugly because of the available options at national hardware store chains.

Whether you need a chicken coop, a potting shed, or a simple, small structure for some additional storage, you should be able to have a shed that lines up with your aesthetic exactly. So how do you get a high-quality, customized shed with all the features you desire without the hassle of wading through all the “custom sheds near me” Google searches?

At Sun Rise Sheds, we now offer a 3D shed customization tool to play around and see what features you want, or even see what features you didn’t know you wanted, for your custom structure! Bring your shed dreams to life with this new tool, and show us exactly what you envision. Because we know you want to get involved in the creative process of designing your storage building, we added this tool to our website to help you have more hands-on involvement.

We make each of our quality built custom sheds to order and handcraft them to your exact specifications, so you will always get the perfect shed for you. When you use the 3D Shed Designer, you know exactly how your structure will look in your yard!

How Does the 3D Shed Customization Tool Work?

This new 3D shed customization tool is easy to use and works well on mobile or desktop computers. You will see a custom-built shed come to life right before your eyes with a few simple clicks. Navigate through menus and select the different options you want on your 3D model of your storage shed.

Click on the model and hold it as you drag it around the screen, viewing it from all sides. Change how many windows and doors you want, or look at different colors. And, if you click on the “show monthly payments” text, you will see what your payments for this structure could be.

Want to keep playing with your features? You can save your design for later or email a link to yourself to pause and start back up with your plan whenever you feel like it.

One of the significant benefits of this 3D shed builder is seeing what your shed will look like before you order it. You might think you want a specific feature, only to find that it doesn’t suit what you wanted because you imagined it differently. With this tool, you will see what customizations work with the look you want, but you can also experiment with size, colors, and even what kind of roofing will look best. There’s never been an easier way to customize your perfect shed.

We’ve always been a company that customizes and builds sheds based on our customer’s needs and wants, but our new 3D shed builder will give our customers even more creative freedom. This device is very interactive, but you do not have to be exceptionally tech-savvy to use it. Give it a try today and see what you think!

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Sun Rise Sheds | 3D Shed

How Do We Create Custom Sheds?

Gardening tools storage shed in the house backyard on project blueprint background. 3d illustrationIt can be thrilling to design your perfect shed, and you may be patiently waiting by the door for when it gets delivered! Premium, pre-built custom sheds are not only exciting additions to your home, but they are also an investment in your property that we aim to get to you as quickly as possible! So, we’ve made our entire process as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Speak with Us. During this phase, we will talk to you about your ideas, go over any 3D models you may have come up with, and work to get a proposal ready. Once you’re satisfied with our drafts, we move on to the next step.

2. We’ll Build Your Custom Shed. Our expert builders work on your shed, customizing it to your specifications and adding all the touches that make it uniquely yours.

3. Prepare for Shed Delivery. None of our sheds are kits. After your shed is custom-built, we deliver it fully assembled and ready to use after installation. Our skilled builders are experts in their craft, so you know you are getting a premium-quality structure.

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For Custom Sheds Near You, Contact Sun Rise Sheds!

If you are just as excited about the thought of a new custom shed as we are at the prospect of building one for you, contact us today! We would love to make a shed for you that matches your custom design through a conversation with our friendly staff.

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