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Shed Financing

At Sun Rise Sheds, we want to make the buying process easier for you with our shed financing and rent-to-own options. We work hard to find the right financing partners to help you get the shed of your dreams. We are pleased to partner with Marine Credit Union for financing and Platinum Rentals for our rent-to-own option.

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When you’re sitting outside and enjoying your lawn with a cool glass of lemonade in hand, it’s difficult not to get distracted by the gardening equipment you keep meaning to put away, but you can’t find a place for it. And that clutter forces your mind to wander to the holiday decorations taking up valuable closet space in your guest room, which you could be using to store your extra bedding instead. That’s when you start wondering about the possibility of owning a shed, but know you’ll need shed financing to get one.

Maybe you’re already past the “dreaming of space” stage, and expanding your little garden into a larger one with more fruits and vegetables is your goal. In that case, a potting shed is your next planned big purchase. Still, you want this potting shed soon and don’t want to wait another three or four years while saving up for the structure, so you’re thinking more seriously about financing or rent-to-own options. Luckily, you can get a high-quality shed from Sun Rise Sheds with convenient payment options through our financing and rent-to-own partners. Learn more about our financing options below!

Why Choose Shed Financing or Rent-to-Own?

Not every buyer has the means to purchase their shed in full right away, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a high-quality structure from Sun Rise Sheds today. It can be tempting to purchase a cheaper shed kit option from a big box store for a temporary solution to your storage needs, but doing that may cost you more in the long run as you will likely need to replace that structure rather quickly. Shed financing can help you make your dreams come true faster without saving for months or years to get the enjoyment you want right now.

You deserve a permanent and durable storage solution built with quality materials to protect your belongings in all weather. Poor-quality structures are not built to last and can fall apart at the first signs of bad weather or too much wind. Meanwhile, we make our designs here at Sun Rise Sheds to withstand the test of time and any weather conditions you may experience in Central Iowa and the surrounding areas.

With different financing options, you have the choice to pay for your shed in a way that works for your budget without breaking the bank. A rent-to-own option can eliminate any worry you might have when considering what types of shed you want to purchase. A finance program can help you secure the quality storage solution you are looking for while making the payments you can afford.


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